Art Marketing 101???


I do not think I am alone in my complete confusion as to what art marketing is. What is it and how does one actually do it? These questions fill hundreds of books at the local library and are the discussion topic for many an art group meeting.

I have read dozens of books on this subject and though they are full of ideas and plans of action I still find myself lost. I feel like I am living inside a small cardboard box with no packing material inside while it is being shipped internationally on the cheap plan! I am sure there are more than one of us artists who have similar feelings of dread and confusion when it comes to marketing our art.

There has to be a magic bullet that will bring our amazing art to the light of day and make us the toast of the town, right? From all I’ve read and experienced there is not ( insert sad Face emoji). I see magnificent art from most amazing and talented artists languishing in their basements or studios and they are not getting the accolades they deserve ( I have a feeling that I might be one of these afore mentioned amazing and talented artists?)

Every time I implement one of the amazing life altering steps in the marketing plan I find that I have not taken a step ahead but realized that there is a whole new set of stairs that I had not realized existed. How is this possible? Who makes these damned rules and how do I get a rule book?

If only, is a statement I find myself saying over and over again. If only I had the contacts with the rich and famous to get my life changing art out into the world where it belongs. If only I hadn’t moved so often, I would have naturally grown my contact list to include the perfect buyers.  If only I had gotten my fine arts degree when I was stupid enough to be going to school full time and not working or raising children, etc., etc., etc., etc.

My journey to market my amazing and mind blowing art to the world has been 4 years in the making and I still have not hit hot success but I am still creating and still learning. Please join me in this journey. Maybe I can help you avoid the stumbling blocks I am constantly tripping over.