street art/realism

Bazooka Boy
“Bazooka Boy” 20×16″ oil on canvas. A boy growing up too fast in a world he is not quite ready for. His backward turned cap shows a sexual maturity that he hasn’t reached yet and the caption, “shoot at own risk. handle Bazooka with care.” shows the ridiculous lack of direction we are giving the children of today. They are taking on far too much far too early.
“Bazooka Girl” 20×16″ Oil on canvas. She is gworing up in a world that she must make her own. She has strength and a knowing wink that shows a much deeper power.
“Raybans” 10×8″ oil on canvas. Raybans shows a boy taking on the roll of an adult before his time. His out stretched chin shows distain for society while the conflicting glasses says he is not ready to take in on the chin just yet.
“Gasmasks & Toilets” 24×36″ oil and cold wax on canvas. The world can really stink sometimes and be out of our control. Taking in on with good friends, gas mask and a healthy sense of humor will help us all get through it in one piece.