Naked Art/ Naked Artist



Naked – no clothing, exposed, vulnerable, bare, stripped, au natural, in the raw. What is the meaning of naked art? To depict the subject without clothing, to get to the core of their essence, to show the “real” person, their soul. The artist who can do this is heralded as a genius and a visionary. It is the practice all artist look at as the essential training- to go to open model nights and draw in charcoal as the masters learned. But what about the naked artist?

Every time we create a piece of art: fine art, music, poetry, structural, etc, we are exposing ourselves down to the raw essence of our souls, or at least, if we are being true to our art, we are. Every time we show our pieces or perform them we are baring our au natural to the world.  Perhaps you are a flasher who only gets a thrill from a quick titillating viewing to a very small audience. Or you are a full exhibitionist nudist who walks around the beach with all your dingily dangly parts flapping in the wind. Still others take their pleasure from being naked in their own safe homes with no one else to see.

Every time we show the creations we have made there is the danger of people seeing too much of us, something they can not un-see. We wonder if this will change the way they look at us forever. Perhaps they will like us less and titter behind our backs at what we have on offer. The act of showing art is an act that takes great will and confidence that many have to fake. The thought alone of showing someone new our art, brings sweat to our upper lip and makes our respiration quicken. The flight or fight response is clicked on and we are poised to run at a moments notice. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best, as the saying goes. The shear fact that we artist get any art out there at all is a miracle and a huge testament to our fortitude and love of our art.

If you were told that to make your living you would have to go out everyday naked in front of crowds of your collogues and strangers, most of us we decline. Yet we artists walk out there boobs first every time we go into a show or compete in a competition. Here is my soul for you to judge and sneer at and say you’ve seen better.

&*^$*@  I say! You have never seen better than my soul or any artists soul. We are pure and courageous and do things that the average person would never dare to think of, let alone carry out. Our ability to take criticism and abuse and still carry on should be applauded by everyone. We voluntarily walk in front of the firing line. Why? Each artist has her reasons. Sometimes, often in fact, I question mine. What ever it is I still have a need to create art no one buys and everyone looks at with a tilted head and a confused look on their faces. There must be some joy in being naked in front of strangers and collogues or why would I do it? Hmmmm……. I’ll have to think on this more and perhaps, do a few more sit ups.

One thought on “Naked Art/ Naked Artist

  1. Yes…we open ourselves to be abused and thrown about a lot…we r all soldiers in our world…if only we could learn to seriously not take it to heart….and we r all so very wonderful for sharing and baring our souls this way😊❤


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