Painting our world in to focus.

City Flowers en Plein Air.

I’ve never been much for nature, as many of you know, but the world seems so full of beauty and growth that it is pointless to try and avoid it. My dear friends in the Calgary Sketch Club have an outing to paint en Plein Air twice a year, in June and September. Plein air painting practice goes back many centuries and was made famous by the French Impressionists. “En Plein Air” Is a French expression for ” in the open air”. Artists grab their supplies and walk into the open spaces of their world and paint exactly what they see.

This, out in the open,  painting is liberating and frustrating at the same time. The paintings are often done in one sitting with no reference material and only the artists eye and skill to aid them along. What you bring with you internally and physically is all you get, this is a real test of the artists skill and vision. How do we interpret the world we live in? What do we see that others do not. The artists eye is a unique gift that sees the world differently and possibly more truly than the rest of the world.

The en Plien Air experiment will help me explore the new world of Surrey BC and develop a love for my new home. It is a city so full of people and buildings but so full of parks and green space too ,so I’m excited to see what little gems expose themselves to me. The journey begins…..


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