street art/realism

Poser 1, 2, 3 – 24×24 oil and cold wax on plywood.



“Carpe Diem” 18.5 x 38″ Oil and Cold wax on wood. Carpe Diem Quam Minimum Creula Postero- cease the day, for you do not know what the fates have in store. Death is the only thing that we all know will happen to us. Will life be good to us or will be buried in debt and need to be unplugged from our life support systems at a young age?

Joy and Pain

“Joie de Vivre” 24 x 36″ Oil and cold wax on wood.  The moments of Joie de vivre are special and magical. The sun on our face, the leap from the shackles of life, are all moments that we covet. These moments only come from experiencing the opposite event. Dark to light, Cold to warm, Death then life. The reaching towards heaven after being grounded to the earth.

age of innocence

“Age of innocence” 42 x 32″ oil on canvas. Always looking somewhere else and not seeing what is right in front of him. The world is messy and he does not even see it yet. There is beauty in the innocence of youth that quickly passes when the larger world seeps into his consciousness.

Bazooka Boy
“Bazooka Boy” 20×16″ oil on canvas. A boy growing up too fast in a world he is not quite ready for. His backward turned cap shows a sexual maturity that he hasn’t reached yet and the caption, “shoot at own risk. handle Bazooka with care.” shows the ridiculous lack of direction we are giving the children of today. They are taking on far too much far too early.
“Bazooka Girl” 20×16″ oil and cold wax on canvas. She is taking on the world using her strength and humor. She is growing up in a world that doesn’t make sense but she will make it her own.


“Gentle Madness” 24 x 24″ Oil and cold wax on wood. The world of middle management slowly drives this man insane. Gentle Madness creeps up on him as he sits in meeting after meeting, listening to the drone of the idiots who run the world. The only protest he can give is the middle finger, subtle and subversive in its presentation.

“Raybans” 10×8″ oil on canvas. Raybans shows a boy taking on the role of an adult before his time. His out stretched chin shows disdain for society while the conflicting glasses says he is not ready to take it on the chin just yet.

Gas masks & ToiletsGas Masks & Toilets 24 x 36″ oil and cold wax on canvas. Sometimes life stinks, people die, estranged individuals resurface, you get a parking ticket or your food is just plain bad. With the help of your friends and a sense of humour we can get through the roughest of situations.